Tribeca Festival 2021

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“Pentagram has developed new branding for the 2021 Tribeca Festival that celebrates the vibrancy of the city, signals it is ready to reopen after the pandemic lockdown, and welcomes New Yorkers back to the party. The graphics are joyful and exuberant, and hint that the Festival is more than film—reflected by the change in the name. The project also includes a reworking of the Tribeca Festival logo for the 20th anniversary.”

- Pentagram

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Once the pieces of the new identity were established, I was brought on to help the team create a system to build out the myriad of touch points required for the expanded festival. The primary output, outside of some collateral pieces and swag, was a comprehensive brand guideline detailing how any designer should create assets for the 2021 Tribeca Festival.
Brand System Design, Brand Guidelines, Collateral

Emily Oberman, Partner
Laura Berglund, Associate Partner

Matt Varner
Katherine Killeffer
Jase Hueser
Anastasia Kharchenko
John Boran, Jr.
Beatriz Congar

Motion Graphics
Jase Heuser
Anastasia Kharchenko

Tribeca Festival
Giant physical letters spelling out "Tribeca" with a few repeated letters at different scales.
Tribeca large physical type
Tribeca Festival 2021 brand and collateral sample
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