A cloaked wizard brandishing a glowing blue wand stands on the edge of a cliff in front of a foggy visage of Hogwarts in the distance. Between them, wrought in gold, is a logo the reads "Hogwarts Legacy" in thin serif type.
Hogwarts legacy
Identity & Logotype | Pentagram ✥
A flat blue campaign button reading "Mr. Mayor" styled with seven stars sits on top of a dreamy pink to orange gradient reminiscent of Los Angeles.
MR. Mayor
Identity & Opening Titles | Pentagram ✥
A pile of very colorful patches in color combinations: Purple & Pink, Orange & Pink, and Yellow & Blue all reading "Tribeca Festival" in dancing type.
Tribeca Festival
Styleguide & Collateral | Pentagram ✥
A blue-green hammer with the words "Mons Tool Co." printed on the side sitting on some Martian rocks and dust.
Mons Tool Co.
Industrial Design & Research | MFA Thesis ❧
John delivering his thesis in the SVA Theatre in NYC.
Thesis Presentation
Industrial Design & Research | MFA Thesis ❧
A man in shorts using the the giant hamster wheel.
giant Hamster Wheel
Experience Design & Fabrication | MFA Thesis ❧
A type specimen showing the words "TYPE, TYPE" in a condensed and extended sans serif font, drawn by John Boran Jr.
Type Design
Explorations & Works in Progress | Type ‡
The flat-pack fruit bowl (a fruit bowl made from a single sheet of stainless steel) with oranges inside.
Flat-Pack Fruitbowl
Industrial Design & Fabrication | SVA MFA PoD ❧
An edited photo of Elvis Presley with the words "LIVE" stamped over his eyes.
Design Explorations| Moodboard ❖
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