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"Prime Video is a hugely popular streaming service, with over 200 million subscribers––including more than half the adults in the US alone––logging in to enjoy a massive library of movies, series, sports and premium channels, with something for every fan. The content includes Prime Video’s excellent original programming, from hits like “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and “The Boys,” to the blockbuster series “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,” to the weekly NFL games of “Thursday Night Football” (for which Pentagram designed the brand identity).

Pentagram’s Emily Oberman and team have developed a brand refresh for Prime Video that highlights this incredible array of entertainment and positions the streaming service as an immersive home for fandoms of all types. The branding uses the “dimple” of the iconic Amazon smile as a catalyst to move viewers through an infinite ripple of their favorite content. The identity launched alongside a redesigned experience within the Prime Video app that makes it easier for customers to find the content they love...

...With an engaging eye for detail and a joyful sense of humor, the rebrand expresses the idea that Prime Video is extremely tuned-in and charmingly nerdy (in the best way) when it comes to entertainment. The identity uses familiar brand elements in fun and surprising ways, recasting the dimple-arrow of the Amazon smile logo into a distinct, ownable shape that conveys movement, momentum and energy as it points the way into the Prime Video rabbit hole. The curved form can be cropped into characteristic sections or used as a frame / window for imagery. The visuals are big and bold and burst through the dimple form, breaking the fourth wall in a way that interacts with the audience. The brand color is a brilliant and contemporary “Prime Blue” taken from the Prime palette.

Pentagram created a bold new proprietary typeface in collaboration with Lucas Sharp of Sharp Type. This customized version of Sharp Grotesk, called Prime Video Sharp, is strong and friendly, with multiple weights that fit in with the Prime family and support the exuberant tone of the messaging. The font is designed to go with dozens of playful symbols, dubbed “Iconics,” that can represent various genres or create a rebus-like shorthand––the fangs of a vampire, the rings of Middle Earth, a glowing magic sword, a zombie hand, a football, a ghost, a cowboy, and so on. Created by the illustrators at Patswerk, the icons also animate to interact with the typography and offer yet another inside wink and nod for fans."

– Pentagram

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Emily Oberman, Partner
Laura Berglund, Associate Partner
Greg Morrison, Associate Partner
Mira Khandpur, Associate Partner

Whitney Badge
John Boran Jr.
Tom Grunwald
Lisa Grant
Jase Hueser
Anastasia Kharchenko
Renee Feiha
Virginia Shannon

Sharp Type

Iconics Illustration

Future Deluxe

Amazon Prime Video
A movie slate branded the Amazon Prime Video dimple patternA view of the A Train Subway in NYC advertising the character "A-Train" from the Amazon Prime Video series The Boys
Motion, Iconics, Type, and Dimple Behaviors - Animated by Jase Hueser and Anastasia Kharchenko
Customized version of Sharp Grotesk, called Prime Video Sharp.
Iconics created by the illustrators at Patswerk
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