An animated gif showing a variable version of Ghost War a sans serif typeface by Multiocular Type Co.

The first of two initial releases from my independent type foundry, Multiocular Type Co., Ghost War is a contrasted and heavily condensed grotesque sans display face for headlines. Taking inspiration from shoppe signage in the United Kingdom during the mid-19th century, Ghost War fills available space fully and visually commands at most sizes. Available now on Grumroad.

Once released, GW will initially be available for purchase in three condensed weights (thin, medium, and bold), with other widths and a full variable version being released afterward. Currently, it has support for ~400 Latinate languages utilizing the Latin S character set suggested by Christoph Koeberlin and will be extended into larger character sets in the future. Below, you can find further specimens of the glyphs within Ghost War.

A specimen page for the font Ghost War with the words "Rogues Gallery, a knight-errant duels the
horrid spectre valiantly, office of the admiralty, and vauxhall bridge road sw1 westminster" on it.A animated Gif showcasing Ghost War Variable using the words "Thams, Cricket, Barony, Snifter, and Poppies" in a single column waterfall. A specimen page for the font Ghost War with bold, medium, and thin versions of the Cyrillic character Multiocular O on it showcasing the variability of the type.A specimen page for the font Ghost War with the words "Missive, Tantalum, Sarcophagus, Trigger, Venturer, Chamberlain, Anneal, Geologist, and Institutions" in a waterfall of text in three columns of three words each.
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