giant hamster wheel

Featured as one of Core77’s Best of WantedDesign 2018 Here

what – A 7.5 ft tall human-sized hamster wheel

goals – Design and create a full-body interactive experience for The Datalogue experience at Wanted Design NYC 2018

skills – fabrication | design for dis/reassembly | engineering | experience design | leadership

team – Carly Simmons, Hannah Rudin, Sophie Carrillo, Rhea Bhandari, Eugenia Ramos Alonso, Ben Bartlett, and John Boran Jr.

Advised by Sinclair Smith and Allan Chochinov

influences – Allbirds SoHo by Bobby Redd | Robb Godshaw’s Hamster Wheel Desk

When designing and fabricating the Giant Hamster Wheel, my team and I aimed to create something exciting and different than anything else seen at NYCxDESIGN. Traditionally, design exhibitions are filled with one of a kind prototypes that are rarely able to be used or tried out. The Giant Hamster Wheel broke all expectations of what was allowed or normal for an event at New York Design Week.

Designed for delight, the Wheel allowed over 1,000 visitors to onboard into The Datalogue in as simple a way as possible: walking or running. The final design had to not only be safe for hundreds of attendees of different ages and sizes but also had to be fully built without permanent glue to allow for disassembly and reassembly at the event. As well, the final mechanics had to be as simple and cheaply made to remain within budget, without compromising safety in any way. Due to these constraints, my design for the Giant Hamster Wheel was only able to take the spirit of the ideas by Bobby Redd & Robb Godshaw, but had to be re-engineered from the ground up.



Wheel skeleton in position


Wheel before opening night

The Datalogue on Opening Night of NYCxDESIGN


Full team with Professor Sinclair Smith