what – A design intervention around immigrant non-voting action in the 2018 elections in NYC

goals – Create a lite-weight design intervention that gives agency to immigrants in New York City to voice how they engage in politics without the right to vote.

skills – Strategy | Layout design | Design sprint

team – Carly SimmonsYangYing Ye, Helen Chen, Felix Ho, Yufei Wang, and John Boran Jr.

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Starting in the last weeks before the 2018 midterm, the team of NYC Voice came together in two design sprints to see where we could create the most impact using our design skills. While our effort did not aim to help elect one official over another, it did seek to give voice to those often unheard in elections: immigrants.

Immigrants in the U.S. cannot vote until they become citizens. However, this does not mean that voting does not affect the daily lives of immigrants. This fact led us to our hypothesis statement of the project: We believe that, in America, immigrants can have/create a positive impact on the political process through non-voting action.

Through the creation of a short survey in English translated into simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, Hindi, and Spanish we conducted research into how immigrants to America viewed the political process from a place without a voice. The team was able to meet and conduct intercept interviews with 10-25 respondents before and on the day of the midterm elections.

Upon completion of the survey, respondents were given a sticker that read "I voiced" translated into the language they chose to take the survey in riffing on the traditional "I voted sticker". This allowed the respondent to wear with pride their ability to voice their political opinion without the right to vote and to promote conversation among passerby.



I Voiced! sticker next to NYC I Voted sticker


All versions of I Voiced! stickers


Survey and sticker variations


Team Photo - Carly SimmonsYangYing Ye, Helen Chen, Felix Ho, Yufei Wang, and John Boran Jr.