what – a speculative Amazon product of the future

goals – Create a product for the space traveler that would be sold on Amazon.

skills – Industrial design | CAD | Speculative design

Omnibot is a marvel of design that comes from the partnership of personal robotics maker iRobot and engineers at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Utilizing a single maglev fan drive, this 5” little robot can free fly easily in any zero gee environment. Developed as an Ai companion robot, Omni is an intelligent conversationalist. Not only can it act as a sounding board to aid in the completion of tasks, but it can casually converse with its human counterpart to help mitigate isolation. Without onboard cameras, Omni can spend more energy being with its human companion than time wasted charging. Omni uses four radar emitters to pinpoint its personal location in relation to the space it is in and the humans around it.

After successful initial rounds of tests by astronauts aboard the International Space Station, these bots were cleared for flight aboard the first ships to Mars.



Sketches for thesis which became the Omnibot